The Frederick Building Rehabilitation- Part 1

Frederick Building

As brand new housing developments are constructed throughout Columbia to accommodate a growing student population, it is easy to lose sight of the housing developments that were, at one time, brand new themselves. One such building is the Frederick Building, located at 1001 University Avenue, just north of the University of Missouri’s campus, which was recently listed to the National Register of Historic Places.

The Frederick building was constructed in the Classical Revival style as housing for young married couples, professionals and retired people during a time of rapid population growth in Columbia during the late 1920s. However, in recent years the building has been used primarily by students wanting to live within view of Mizzou’s campus.

The current owners wish to continue this trend and hopefully keep the building (although almost a century old) young in occupancy. Much of the original building materials currently remain in the building, such as the hardwood floors and louvered doors. However, much will be improved, such as the heating and cooling systems, to make for a more livable, environmentally conscious building. Advised by local historic preservation specialist Deb Sheals, and with plans to apply for State and Federal  historic preservation tax credits, the renovations will be historically-sensitive.

FrederickBuilding 018 FrederickBuilding 025

After an extensive search for compatible equipment, the developers have found an elevator that will meet both current accessibility codes and the inflexible construction of the elevator shaft. Renovations will also be made to make the building more accessible, as for right now, there are no wheelchair ramps on the property. These renovations will also include the addition of two accessible units in the building.

photo (3)

As of right now, most of the remodeling has yet to be started, however, it is very definite that once all the improvements have been made, the Frederick Building will strike an excellent balance between modern livability and decades-old character and history.

Stay tuned for ongoing updates on the story of the Frederick Building’s historic rehabilitation!

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