Additional Resources

Cannot get enough of CoMo Revamp? Below is an additional website that also focuses on historic renovation:

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency has created a myriad of case studies that focus on residential and commercial historic renovations. The case studies presented on their website provide information on the property and various details about the renovations ranging from price per square foot, code information, and floor plans.  Feel free to take a look here!

Are you interested in learning more about how to historically preserve your home or thinking about buying an older home? Check out this blog, Bob Yapp’s About Your Home,  about various topics and issues you might encounter when renovating your historic home. Feel free to take a look here! Also click here to learn more about the Belvedere School!

Are you looking to find more information about historical windows, how to replace them, or alternatives when salvaging is not an option? Click here for a link to a preservation brief about repairing historic windows. Click here for a link of a guide on how to select alternatives to historic windows.

More resources coming soon! If you have resources that you feel would be helpful to property owners, let us know via email: or on our contact page!

***The City of Columbia, the Historic Preservation Commission, or CoMo Revamp do not claim partnership with any of the websites, companies, or resources posted on this blog.


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